Sunday, December 13, 2009

Christmas decorating and Pugs.

Well it's about that time this year. I am not a big fan of decorating and shopping and all of the things that go along with the holiday as I used to be. It takes me awhile of pushing and shoving to get myself going. Yesterday we finally took the minimal decorations down that I put up every year. Two table top trees, one comes right out of the box fully decorated.. Now that is Christmas to me.. :) The other is a small fiber optic one that really only looks good at night when it's lit up. You can't hang decorations off of it because it would interfere with the way the fiber optic light shines on the branches. I am thinking of purchasing a little bigger one for the table that comes with lights on it and I can put some of my special decorations on it that have been packed away for years. All of the other decorations came out of a few boxes. I must admit it was quick, simple and made me feel better after it was done. I do enjoy the sparkle that Christmas lights and decorations bring to the home since I am all about glitter and bling. I think I will look into a set of white twinkling lights to put up inside my house all year long like you see in special gift shops.

My little pre-decorated tree. :)

Upstairs coffee table. I thought I would experiment with a wreath and placing a bunch of small loose ornamental balls on top of it.

End table

My downstairs family room.

Last but not least.. We cannot forget my fur babies.

Sleeping Ping Beauty.

Zoe starring as the little Shepard girl.

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dAwN said...

Looks Lovely tink..festive and easy..i am all about that..I love the little Shepard girl!