Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas Day 2009

We had another wonderful Christmas at Chicklet and Pops house and it was special since it will be the last Christmas gathering there... :( sniff.. sniff.. Anyhoo... My sister Lori will take up the honors next year, with lots of our help since she has the biggest place for all of us crazies..

Lori's famous salad.

Food.. well what's left of it.. It was all yummy and Chick's lasagna was a big hit..

The grab gifts..

Sage.. AKA.. Freak of nature.. LOL

Barb and her sweet little fur baby Sage..

Christmas 2009 came and went very quickly.. More pictures and a video below..


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by tink59


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CatHerder said...

Hope your holiday was fun...happy new the doggie pics!