Monday, November 2, 2009

Lantern Hill.. October 31, 2009

Joe and I decided to head out on another foliage hike. We decided to hike up and around Lantern Hill. We do this hike a few times a year. It's especially pretty in the fall. Here is a little information about Lantern Hill.

NEARLY 600 FEET above sea level, its summit of bare granite flecked with quartz crystals glittering in the sun, Lantern Hill (or Tar Barrel Hill, as it is also called) in North Stonington has served as both landmark and lookout since the first peoples came to this region where the continent meets the sea. Tradition says that it has served fishermen and deep water sailors as a day-beacon, guiding them safely into the eastern Long Island Sound ports like Mystic or Stonington, from the earliest days of maritime activity on the coast. Since the shimmering, white summit can be seen from many miles at sea on a clear, sunny day, the landmark tradition probably has a sound basis in historical fact.

By the same token, on a clear day observers on the gleaming peak of Lantern Hill can see five states -- New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Vermont -- as well as more than a hundred miles of coastal waters. Sassacus, the fierce Pequot chieftain, was said to have stood on the summit many times, squinting seaward, eternally watching for the approach of enemy war canoes, or landward, seeking signs of hostile Narragansett campfires.

Starting our hike.

We decided to loop along the side then head up the hill.

Nice view of Lantern Hill Pond from the side of the hill.

You can see the tower in the distance..

Up close.

You can see a rock climber at the top right of this picture.

Foxwoods Casino in the distance.

Zoomed up.

This is the view from the other side of the hill.


Here is some video.

More pictures.

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Adele said...

Oh had me at Lantern Hill.....hee hee hee...I do so love me some Lantern Hill. Would have loved to have done this hike with you. I remember the first time we made that hike with the casino in view. It felt so strange to see all that in the distance when there was always just countryside. Ha...I remember once doing that hike with you in the wintertime in boots with heels no less. On the way down all we could do was slide...YeeeHaaaaa

Tink said...

Ha, well if your daring this winter when you guys come we could venture there. It would be fun..

Finnish Princess said...


You're such a great photographer, you really capture the atmosphere and essence of the place - almost feel like I'm there! Great pics! Glad you had a good time :-)

dAwN said...

I want to go up there again..lets go this
Nice fall foliage!

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