Sunday, November 15, 2009

Hi Definition mode versus WVGA

As you can see I am a happy camper.. I upgraded to Windows 7 and Movie Maker recognizes MOV files. So now I want to find the best video setting on my camera. I thought I would test out two of the better video settings on my new camera to see how much of a difference I could tell in the quality of the picture. The best mode is AVCHD but at this time I don't have a program that recognizes it. Hopefully at some point I will because I heard it takes up lest space on your memory chip but has better quality. But the next best thing is another high def mode but takes up lots of space on my memory chip and the next one down is WVGA mode. The latter is smaller so I thought I would test it out to see if i would be happy with it's quality. Here are two test videos.. Let me know what you think..

Warning.. I sound real corny because I am doing my baby talk to my dogs to get their attention to look at the camera and make cute facial expressions so make sure the vomit bag is close by... LOL


High Def mode

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dAwN said...

Well i played both videos..and there is a strange girl in one making faces that distracted me..LOL
but seriously..they both look good..
the first one u didnt get the closeups of the pups faces that you got in the second..
maybe a better test would be without moving objects..but photograping the same things and the same way, otherwise..i think they both look quite nice.
I just discovered on windows live movie maker that you can change the aspect ration when u make the is widecreen the other is 4;3
Glad you like windows 7..hope it makes your computer run better.