Sunday, March 8, 2009

Walk to Downtown Mystic March 8 2009

This weekend has been absolutely gorgeous with all of the lousy weather we have been having lately.  It was in the mid fifties to sixties.  Perfect walking weather.  Joe and I decided to go to Downtown mystic which is about 3 miles away.  Five minutes by car and about 40 minutes or so by foot.  The walk is lovely.   About two miles of the walk is along the Mystic River on River Road.  You travel by old historic homes and can see the Seaport across the river.   We went to Downtown where all the cute little shops are and the old drawbridge.  We ran low on batteries towards the end so I didn't get any of the shops.  We make this trip quite a bit throughout the year so we will take them next time..

Views heading to Downtown along River Road

We took this with our timer on the camera.

Someone probably thought we were tourists and offered to take out picture.. LOL

Me and my Merlot..

Joey's lunch

Mine.. Blackened Chicken sandwich.. I didn't eat much of the bread but enjoyed the fries..

Across the street from the restaurant.. 

Heading home

My dream house..  Overlooks the river.

We used our timer again and are having quite the fun with it..  We blocked the stream in the background though.. 

Before we left today I found Zoe and Ping in the silliest position as they laid in the sun.  Zoe loves to rest her head on someone while she rests.  It looked like she was half sitting and lounging.. LOL


dAwN said...

Thanks for the nice tour of Mystic...looks like you had a nice warm day.
Joes meal lookes yummy...I would have gobbled that down...the frys dont look xtra crispy...but i think i would eat them anyway..
As far as those pups...
They look like stacked turtles...I guess i have been out in the wilderness to much....but the turtles i have been seeing here stack on top of each other like the pups...I will try and get a photo to show you...

Sandy said...

Wow, it's so beautiful up there. I remember seeing the movie made there. I hope to see New England some day. Thanks for sharing that food! I want a lobster roll real bad...a real one while I stand up there and eat it!

Punchbugpug said...

Wow, what a beautiful day you had! I think I'd love that house overlooking the river too!

Adele said...

nice blog tinky. Loved the walk and the lunch. Those silly pups look more than a bit perverted.