Monday, March 2, 2009

Another snowy day and Pugs..

I had another day off  Monday because of this yucky white stuff they call snow.  We got about 8-12 inches.  I am so tired of this and ready for spring.  Joe took the day off because it was pretty bad out when it came time for him to leave for work.  Thank God because the shoveling took a good three hours.  Here are a few pictures from our day..

From my back door early in the morning.

Flicker and other birds eating their breakfast.

Cars in our driveway while the snow was still blowing away..

Joe and I decided to venture out to shovel.

A foot full of snow.

I'm so tired of this.

We took the pups out while shoveling and they didn't last long.

They liked to run the path of the shoveled driveway and wouldn't run any further then that.

The girls are ready to go back in after a few minutes.
Zoe wouldn't sit down on the cold snowy hatchway.. LOL

I want in mom..

Cool snow on the tree.. I still don't like it but it can be very pretty in pictures.

Ping with her squeaky ball before we went to venture out one more time.

We stuck the girls in the snow and they didn't like it..  And would not move.

Look at that body language and Ping's paw..  They are such princesses.

We let the pups back in before we made our snow angels.  Even though they hated the snow they wanted to be outside with us.

Joe and I made snow angels.

Me looking like a big tick..

My snow angel.


His snow angel

We made the best of the  icky white stuff but we are looking forward to spring and our gardens, hiking and all the other good things that go well with warmer weather..


dAwN said...

Howdee tink,

Its amazing how beautious snow photos are...but I am glad I am not in them...tee hee..

i can see you like to torture your pups, putting them in the snow..poor need to litter train them...
I dont blame those pups for not wanting to step outside..without booties or sweaters..You are lucky i dont report you for puggylet abuse...LOL

I guess the one good thing about the snow...well maybe got a day off work..and you got a good upper body workout...
LOL looked very funny in the snow..a big square with appendages..
but your snow angel came out quite lovely...very sweet and girly
compared to joes which looked like an angel boy.

Glad you made the best of the white stuff..hope it melts soon so you can walk I told Dell...dont go out is cold cold and you might freeze.

Adele said...

ha nice snow blog. I liked your angel too, Joes looked like an angel little person. The pups have not wanted to go outside either but tomorrow we will be in the 50s PRAISE THE LORD.