Wednesday, March 18, 2009

My precious babies Ping and Zoe

My little balls of fur were sleeping so comfy cosy by their papa's feet the other morning and I had to take their pictures.  Ping and Zoe are both going to the vets to get their teeth cleaned tomorrow.  It always makes me nervous when they have to be put under especially since they are getting up there in age.  Please say an extra prayer for my little girls while they get their teeth cleaned and possibly a few pulled.  Ping is also getting a growth on her lip removed which my vet says looks benign.  




Adele said...

OH those girls...those girls. Have you ever seen more precious girls. I want to give them a big kiss.

Tink said...

Ah they said thanks auntie Adele.. :) I went to bed with them pretty early last night. They were still so drugged up and seemed better this morning. They are both on pain pills because of Zoe's three extractions and Ping's stitches in her lip. They are also on antibiotics too. It's so nice to have my babies home. I missed them so much when I got home from work... The house was so empty. It made me think I could never be without pets..

Butterfly Garden Freak said...

I am so happy to hear they made it through ok and are feeling better... isn't it CRAZY at the amount of love you can have for a life that is not even human? I mean, I love my Rosco more then MOST people I friggen know for pete's sake... it's not even funny how much they mean to you... I know you ladies can agree with me 100%... YEAH for Ping and Zoe... so glad they are doing better! To be honest, it probably upset and worried YOU more then them... LOLOL