Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Bonfire and Burning of the past October 23 2010

We had an end of the year bonfire at my sister and brother in laws house this past weekend. Along with enjoying the company of my family, good food and spirits, we burned some of our documents, bills and paperwork of the past. While Joe and I only brought one small Tupperware container over, my other brother in law had at least 3 big garbage bags full. It was quite fun examining some of the paperwork from the past and also crumpling them up just right so they didn't float up as fiery little air bombs. At the end of our few hours of burning my bil had to break out his leaf blower to blow the ash into the grass..

Meeting of the men

Crazy Sickstas

Bat Dog

The Fire Keeper

Burning of the last piece of the past.. Thank God! I thought the burning would never end.. LOL

More photos of the day

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