Friday, September 3, 2010

Franconia Notch State Park August 27 2010

Joe and I took a few hikes while we were in New Hampshire but nothing had us prepared for how tough this hike would be. It was all uphill a mountain trail but we found it more difficult going down. I used muscles in my thighs and calves that I never knew I had.. The hike started at the Basin in Franconia Notch state park and we took the Cascade Trail up to Lonesome Dove Lake. It was heaven on the top of a mountain and so well worth the climb on trails of tree roots, mud, rocks and a few bridge planks. The beauty of the water rushing on the rocks forming all sorts of waterfalls on the way up was well worth the hike. You could easily find a place to sit off the trail among the rocks and rushing water.. After arriving and enjoying the beauty of the breath taking Lonesome Lake we headed down another trail toward Lafayette campground and then took the Pemi trail back to the Basin. It was a 6 mile but felt like so much more. I walk at least 8 miles in the summer and my daily walks are nothing in comparison to this hike. My legs were sore for three days afterward. I can't wait to go back and do more hikes like this..

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Missy D. said...

B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L. I want to slide down those smooth rocks into the water....