Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Dinner at Old Tymes with some of my family

We ended up going out to dinner with my family before seeing a movie. We had a great time and laughs as usual. My brother in law decided to make a cute little face with his salad. I ended up with some scallops with a yummy bread crust topping, baked sweet potato, stuffing, roll and some spinach. Del, Dawn and Mom had lobster rolls, Jeffie and dad had prime rib and Joey had fish and chips. We left with a full tummy but not full enough to not get popcorn at the movie theater afterwards.. 

Dad, Jeffie and Joey
Del, me, Dawn and mom
Jeff's happy face salad.
Jeff and his prime rib.
Dad and his prime rib.

Joey and his fish and chips.
Me eating my stuffing.
Mom with her lobster roll.
Dawn digging in.

Del is waiting to eat.


dAwN said...

Eat Eat Eat...thats all we have been doing lately...OINKK

Tink said...

I know.. LOL Remind me to take pictures of the FOOD tonight.. hee hee tomorrow I start my diet and health regime..