Sunday, March 20, 2011

Another day in Pug Paradise. March 19 2011

Ping had been under the weather again this past week. Along with her leg issues she is on some antibiotics and more ear meds. She seems to be doing better. We are praying and keeping our fingers crossed. She is a trooper. You will notice from this picture we got rid of the area rugs and put in one big indoor outdoor carpet with just a few carpet mats. It's much easier to keep clean. It's not glued down so we can replace it easily.

It's chill day as most days are in the kitchen where the sun shines through the sliding door. On this day I captured them doing what they do best.. Sleeping and snoring..




More pug pictures

Image hosted by
by tink59


dAwN said...

I am glad that she is doing better..its so hard to see our pets get old..

Adele said...

I see they have been practicing at their sleeping and snoring. They are such natural talents and soooo dang cute. I would give the a good hard smooch right between their ears. Jack would do something else ha and Kali would poke them I am sure.

CatHerder said...

they are so unbelievably adorable!

Erny S said...

Your blog is so beautiful, and your work is so magnificent. i was wondering if you could point me in the right direction on how to start making this kind of 3d art? i've done some research myself, but haven't come across anything! thank you so much for the inspiration, and i hope to hear from you

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